“Choral singing without the stuffiness, this nine-strong Bristol-based close harmony singing group bring a brilliant sense of musicianship to winning performances of an exhilarating unexpected range of compelling contemporary music, one moment absorbed in the febrile heat of James Brown revue-show funk, the next gathered in the instantaneously spellbinding ethereal harmonies of Fleet Foxes’ gently psychedelic folk-rock.” – Bristol Folk Festival


Free Range Acappella is a ten strong group that have been singing together since 2002 (but not with the same line up!). The group likes to sing at local Bristol events and festivals, including weddings.

We are a (mainly) democratic group; so whilst songs sometimes take longer to put together it ends up with a very blended sound. The group evolves as people leave (and sometimes return) and new members join. The current line up is Aimee, Alison, Becky, Emma, Eric, Kate, Lindsay, Martin, Sarah and Steve.

We sing a mix of songs arranged by the group – Kate, Becky, Eric and Katy – as well as published arrangements. Recordings of some of our repertoire are here.

Wedding and Events

We love singing at weddings throughout the year, often creating a new arrangement and performance of a song that has a particular significance for the bride and groom.

Our performances have helped to create a special atmosphere at garden and street parties. We’ve put together themed sets for Cary Grant film evenings.


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